Why you should cooperate with Vestfyns Fridge Freezer storage

Focus on your core competency
Optimal use of resources
Avoid expensive capital investments
Make your fixed costs variable
Pay only for the space you use
There is enough space for your business to grow
Space is adjusted if the company gets smaller
Get rid of the trouble
Professional packing staff
Benefit from our economies of scale
Minimal risk
Avoid expensive capital investments

Welcome to Vestfyns Fridge & Freezer Storage

Our warehouse specializes in storage of food and we offer fridge, frost and dry store. Our many rooms allow you to find a perfect temperature for your product. As our client, you pay only for the pallet spaces you use, down to a weekly basis. This means that if you have 100 pallets in our stock one week and only two pallets the second week, you only pay for 100 pallets the first week and two pallets the second week. This secures your company a high flexibility without the need to invest in expensive storage facilities. As an alternative to this solution, you can also rent a whole room, which is only available for your company, to a fixed price.

Central in Denmark – close to the highway
Vestfyns Fridge & Freezer Storage is located in the attractive three-border area in the region of Southern Denmark. We are located close to the highway which makes it possible for our customers to have their goods shipped for attractive prices. We have a wide range of shipping companies and we have no preference for any specific, but accept every one with a smile. This means that our customers can always choose the best/cheapest delivery service for their job.

At Vestfyns Fridge & Freezer Storage, we have the authority to receive and store all kinds of organic foods. It requires special approval by the authorities to maintain organic food. They require labeling, extra strict inventory and balance sheet accounts. At Vestfyns Cooler & Freezer Storage we comply with all requirements and are ready to handle your eco-products.

Back in the beginning of 1950, the foundation of what would become Vestfyns Fridge & Freezer Storage was laid. Back then, only a fruit warehouse was established through Marshall aid after the war. The storage served as a fruit warehouse until 1993, when the current owner took over. The storage was then renovated in order to store more than just fruit and in this way the freeze and dried goods storage was established.